A 100-Year Tradition Renewed

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The Mulberry Tree Yearbook 1921 Cover

Yearbooks have been a long-standing tradition with the first ones being recorded as far back as the 1600s. The oldest surviving yearbook was printed in the 1800s, but even though it isn’t as old, the first Mulberry High School Yearbook is a sight to engender nostalgia. Recently uncovered in the “MHS Archives”,  the Mulberry Tree Staff of 2021 amazed to view the world through the lens of 1921. This spring is the 100-year anniversary of the printing of this first Mulberry Tree and the staff needed to honor the history of the book they have worked so hard on. The staff felt this was especially important since the 2021 Mulberry Tree is going through a transformation this year in order to create a “new” yearbook.

Printed in 1921, the first ever Mulberry Tree is spotted with age but full of information including photos of the first high school building in Mulberry (built in 1909), an advertisement from Wogan Badcock, stories of the events of that year, and even information about the early start of public school in Mulberry. It is a treasure, and the 2021 Mulberry Tree Staff are set to honor its 100th anniversary by moving it into digital form. Once their own book is finished, of course.