Advanced Placement (AP)

Potential to earn college credit with an AP exam score of 3 or higher. The maximum AP Score is a 5.

AP Summer Homework

Please click the link for the course you will be joining in August. Your Summer homework assignment will display for you. Complete the assignment and bring it with you when classes start.

Dual Enrollment

Polk State College and Southeastern University course offerings at Mulberry High School. Must meet minimum entrance requirements and earn a C or higher to receive college credit.

  • AMH 1010: US History 1600-1877
  • AMH 1020: US History 1877-present
  • EDF 1005: Intro to Teaching Profession
  • EDF 2085: Intro to Diversity for Educators
  • ENC 1101: Freshman English 1
  • ENC 1102: Freshman English 2
  • LIT 1000: Intro to Literature
  • MAC 1105: College Algebra
  • MAT 1033: Intermediate Algebra (math elective)
  • MATH 1413: Pre-Calculus
  • SLS 1101: College Success (elective)
  • LDRS 2013 Career Planning