College For Every Student (CFES)

Mulberry Senior High School is proud to be a CFES Brilliant Pathways partner school! 

Through our partnership with CFES Brilliant Pathways, we’re giving students an opportunity to forge their route to a bright future. The CFES Brilliant Pathways program prepares students for college and career through mentoring and equipping them with the Essential Skills that include perseverance, agility, goal setting, networking, teamwork, and leadership. We have over one hundred 9th through 12th-grade students participating in this program with Ms. Maria D. Rivera serving as our CFES School Liason.

College For Every Student is a global leader at helping underserved students get to and through college, ready to enter the 21st-century workforce.

About CFES

College For Every Student engages every CFES Scholar in three high-impact practices – Mentoring, Leadership Through Service, and Pathways  – that research has shown raise aspirations and develops the Essential Skills including, adaptability, grit, resilience, teamwork, leadership, and other key qualities that promote social and educational uplift.

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CFES Member schools receive the following services and support from CFES professionals to help build a college culture:

  • Professional Development Support
    • Five site visits per year
    • Ongoing virtual support via phone/email/Skype
    • Bimonthly live forums led by CFES professionals and national experts on key college access and persistence topics
  • Training Sessions (Possible Topics)
    • Raising student aspirations
    • Creating high-impact teams
    • Developing student leaders
    • Designing peer mentoring programs
    • Building college knowledge
    • Increasing financial aid knowledge


CFES Member schools can participate in these training and professional development events:

  • Planning/Training Workshop
    • Six representatives participate in a regional Planning/Training Workshop.
    • Registration fee and materials covered by CFES.
  • National Conference
    • Two representatives attend the CFES National Conference.
    • Registration fee, meals, lodging, travel, and materials covered by CFES.
  • Regional Events
    • Adults and Scholars participate in regional workshops, training, and professional development dinners.
    • Registration fee, meals, lodging, and materials covered by CFES.


CFES Member schools have access to 220 password-protected curricular materials, designed to help students become college-ready:

  • Curriculum
    • Mini-lessons, Activities, and Worksheets – “print and go” resources to bring the CFES Core Practices to life
    • Recorded Live Forums – insights and strategies from CFES professionals and CFES schools for creating thriving CFES programs
    • Videos – a showcase of the CFES Core Practices and exemplar CFES school programs
  • Other
    • Application fee waivers at 26 CFES colleges for participating students
    • CFES banner and posters
    • CFES stipend to defray the cost of program expenses (e.g. travel, t-shirts, meals)
    • Opportunity to apply for CFES School of Distinction
    • Support in developing college partnerships
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