What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money received from state and federal governments, private sources, and nonprofit organizations that is awarded to students to assist them in paying for post-secondary tuition and other educational expenses.

There are two types of financial aid: gift and self-help aid. Gift aid includes grants and scholarships. Self-help aid includes employment and loans.

Gift aid does not require the student to pay the money back after college graduation. Loans will need to be repaid. Both types of aid may be made available through scholarships, state aid, federal aid, or institutional aid.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the federal application for student aid and must be completed annually. Students are encouraged to submit the FAFSA on or after October 1st of each year. To complete the application, please click the link.


Office of Student Financial Assistance

The Florida Depart of Education, Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) administers state-funded grant and scholarship programs. For more information and to apply for State of Florida Scholarship and Grant Programs, please click the link.


Navigating Your Financial Future

For more information and resources about Financial Aid, visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OFSA), please click the link.