Class Registration

Registering a student at Mulberry High School is the process of meeting with the appropriate counselor and selecting class/course preference. Registering never guarantees placement in classes/courses. Before a student registers, a student must have completed the enrollment process. As counselors may not be readily available, it is encouraged that an appointment is scheduled with the appropriate counselor to register for classes/courses. You may do this by emailing the counselor or calling the guidance office.


Orientation is the time when students, who have enrolled and registered at MHS, may come and receive their class schedule for the year. During this time, students may meet their teachers, review bus schedules, open lunch accounts, purchase physical education uniforms, tour the school and parents may apply for their yearly access to Parent Internet Viewer. Orientation dates and times are held in August annually.

Check Out Policy

A student will not be allowed to leave school without proper authorization.

Individuals authorized to check students out of school must report to the school’s attendance office. Everyone must present picture identification (valid state driver license, state identification card, U.S. military identification card, passport).

School personnel must rely on the information recorded on the emergency information card at the time of enrollment unless otherwise properly notified.

Picture ID

Please bring your picture ID with you each time you come to campus. You cannot enter campus or pick up your child without it. This policy is for the safety and welfare of your child as well as all children and staff members.

Visitor Passes

Visitor passes are necessary to enter campus during the school day. All visitors must sign-in at the school through the front office.


Students should arrive at district-designated bus stops 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.  If the bus does not appear, parent should call the Transportation Department directly at 863-534-7300.  Buses begin unloading students on campus at 6:30AM each morning and students report to designated locations.  Students who ride a bus should not be late to class and those who are late are considered out of area.  Students who are arrive on a late bus are excused and will be allowed to eat breakfast before reporting to class.

Bus changes are announced at the conclusion of every school day to the students in the classroom. There is also a bus change board at the bus landing in front of the school. Changes occur often; it is imperative that students listen during the afternoon announcements and look for changes on the bus loop board for bus changes. Staff members are also available to assist students during dismissal.​

Student Dress Code

General guidelines for the student dress code at Mulberry High School are sent home with students the first week of school in the student handbook /MHS folder and also reviewed with students in full detail with examples during class meetings the first week of each semester.  School-wide scripts are read each day of the first week of each semester to review general guidelines, including one day for dress code.  On Day 2, each teacher reads the student dress code policy the first ten minutes of each class period for a full day and other policies are reviewed on the other days that week.

Staff members will send students who are out of dress code compliance to the discipline office to see an administrator. The offense will be documented and the student will be sent back to class with a dress code slip, unless a change of clothing is required. These students may be held until a change of clothes can be obtained. Classroom teachers are responsible for checking student dress each period and referring students to the office who are out of dress code compliance.

Every student is expected to dress in a manner which is appropriate for the learning environment while maintaining an appearance which complies with the adopted school dress code. Violations of the dress code includes all items deemed unacceptable by the administration and will not be permitted. Inappropriate attire is any clothing that disrupts the educational process, threatens the learning environment, or endangers the health or safety of students or any other persons.  Students in violation of the dress code will be documented and expected to get a change of clothes.  Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action.  Parents should monitor their students’ dress daily before they leave home; doing so could prevent any hardships that might develop.  

Dress Code: 

Daily dress may include a mask covering the face and mouth as an optional COVID protocol while on campus.

All shorts, skirts, and dresses must be knee length. Leggings underneath do not override this policy.

Leggings or tights can be worn under shorts, dresses, skirts that are to the knees or if the shirt is long enough to cover the buttocks.

Pants must be worn at the waist.

Shirts must have sleeves. Any tops that are too revealing will not be allowed.  This includes both see thru, low cut, or half shirts. No midriffs showing. No shirts worn off the shoulder.

No skin showing regarding crop tops.

No skin showing regarding holes in jeans below the knee. Anything above the knee with frays or cuts should have skin covered.

Flip flops are permitted as long as they have a solid bottom. No bedroom slippers or pajamas.

Head coverings are not allowed inside buildings (i.e. hats, durags/other night time head wear)

The following items are not permitted: Bandanas, Trench Coats, and Overalls.

Students are not allowed to wear jewelry, buttons, haircuts, or other items that are offensive, suggestive, indecent or disruptive to the educational process (i.e. clothing associated with gangs, drugs, sex, alcohol, tobacco products, or violence or those which support discrimination on basis of age, color, handicap, national origin, marital status, race, religion, sex, or sexual connotation.)